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The Jess Howard Electric Company has performed many jobs throughout the years. These are just a few of the largest jobs we've completed:

$8 Million Contract

This job consisted of the removal of PCB transformers and a 4,160-volt to 13,200-volt underground electrical upgrade. We installed major underground duct banks as well as electrical equipment change-out. This contract took approximately one year to complete with a crew of 15 to 20 full-time electricians on the job site throughout the duration of the contract.

$3½ Million Contract

We installed 60,000 feet of ducts and 20-25 manholes, as well as 15KV cable with a major electrical upgrade from 4,160 volts to 13,200 volts. This contract took approximately 1 year to complete, with a crew of 8-10 men on the job site throughout the duration of the contract.


This prison is located in the Southeastern part of Ohio. The job consisted of seven large buildings with extensive control work. We also performed site lighting and installation of underground duct banks and generators. We installed power and lighting to the entire compound. This contract took approximately 1½ years to complete, with a crew of 15 on the job site throughout the duration of the contract
Alum Creek

$8 Million Contract

We performed the complete wiring of one of the largest water treatment plants in the state of Ohio. This work involved a complete installation of both utility and electrical, as well as fiber optics, generators, and integral control wiring. This contract took approximately two years to complete with a crew of 25 personnel on the job site throughout the duration of the contract.
Contract Highlights
  • Handled long duration contracts involving many workers
  • Workers assembled power and control using wire to high technology fiber optic installation
  • Coordinated construction efforts with other organizations
CSX North Baltimore


As the electrical contractor chosen for the CSX Intermodal Rail Trans-Shipment Terminal project, Jess Howard Electric Company provided engineering support, project management, and more than 20 experienced electricians to complete the power and communication systems.
With more than 50 miles of fiber optic cable, 35 miles of conduit encased in concrete, site lighting, and CCTV security systems, this high-visibility project showcases the reliability and attention to detail that Nick Savko & Sons and Jess Howard Electric Company exhibits the experience and expertise to provide our services to our clients. As family-owned businesses working together for more than 40 years, Jess Howard Electric Company is proud to work with Nick Savko & Sons on the CSX Intermodal project and looks forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Policy Statement

Jess Howard Electric Company recognizes the importance of safety, health, and accident prevention in all aspects of our operations. It is the policy of Jess Howard Electric Company to accomplish work in the safest possible manner consistent with good work practices. This policy is based on a sincere desire to eliminate personal injuries, occupational illnesses, and damage to equipment and property, as well as to protect the general public whenever the public comes in contact with our work activities.
Each member of the management team is charged with the overall responsibility of preventing accidents and eliminating conditions that can lead to occupational illnesses. It is our management's responsibility to provide a safe work environment. Jess Howard Electric Company can only give meaning to health-protection and accident-prevention programs by taking positive action to ensure that safety and health rules are adequate and enforced and by seeing that effective training programs are employed. The safety and health protection and accident prevention requirements are set forth in our Health and Safety Program.
Health and safety will not be sacrificed for production or schedule pressure. Management will not order, instruct or permit any employee to perform work or do any job unless the work can be done safely. Similarly, employees will avoid engaging in work activities that they consider being unsafe. Safety briefings will be conducted regularly to reinforce the priority placed on workers safety and the importance of safety requirements over other considerations.
Jess Howard Electric Company is committed to comply with all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, state and local regulations and other requirements set forth to complete any project.
Jess Howard Electric Company recognizes that we must continue to stress health and safety and strive for improvement. Our goal is the elimination of all exposures or accidents from all operations for these three reasons:
  1. No endeavor is worthwhile if it causes human suffering through disabling injury or illness or loss of life.
  2. A good health and safety record reflects the quality of management and our workforce. It is also good business and contributes to our continuing growth and success.
  3. Poor accident experience increases costs and results in loss of profits. Each member of management will translate our policy into positive action, and enforce our position so that no safety infraction will ever be considered to be minor or insignificant.

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